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Professional Development Initiative Growing Outstanding Academic and Leadership Skills

Applying for Academics: Lessons, Hints, and Insights into the Academic Application Process


Dr. Zach Heiden, Assistant Professor of Chemistry  

With recent government budget cuts throughout the United States and limited funds going to higher education, the availability of faculty positions have been few and far between. When a faculty position does open up, competition is high. Although many applicants are qualified, many applicants do not succeed in their search for a faculty position because they are simply not prepared well enough when they enter the job market. Preparation of a faculty application package goes well beyond sending a resume to an industrial company, and often requires months of preparation.  This workshop will emphasize the components of a faculty application, providing hints and tips for each document, and go through the relative timeline of the faculty search process. Although specific examples will be given from STEM fields, much of the information presented will be relevant to all disciplines.