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Graduate Studies Committee Meetings

Graduate Studies Committee Meetings

Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

October 23, 2018

Meeting Agenda 10-23-18

Meeting Minutes 10-3-18


Primary Reviewer (Lee): 

Primary Reviewer (Dimitrov):

Primary Reviewer (Call): 

Primary Reviewer (Uchila):

  • VET PATH 592 Anatomic Pathology Seminar (Uchila, Yektansani)

Primary Reviewer (Potts):

Primary Reviewer (Dotson):

  •  NEP 580  Advanced Topics in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (Dotson, May)


Discussion Items:

VET PATH 545 Mechanisms of Disease

ECONS 509 Quantitative Methods in Economic Dynamics

INTERDIS 501 Research Communication




October 9, 2018


Meeting Agenda 10-9-18

Meeting Meeting 9-25-18


Informational Items:


PHARMSCI/PHARSCI 577 Crosstlisting -Responible Conduct in Biomedical Research


Action Items:


Primary Reviewer (Lee): 

Primary Reviewer (Salsbury):

Primary Reviewer (Potts):

Primary Reviewer (Call): 

Primary Reviewer (Dimitrov):

Primary Reviewer (Uchila):  

  • NURS 553 Organizational Systems and Leadership II (Uchila, Dimitrov)
  • NURS 576 Organizational Systems and Leadership I (Uchila, Nicol)


Discussion Items:


HORT 508 Research Orientation and Communication

VET PATH 592 Anatomic Pathology Seminar

VET PATH 544 Immunopathology

PHARMSCI 579 Principles of Pharmacology

NEP 580  Advanced Topics in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology


September 25, 2018

Discussion Items:

ATH T 531 Evaluation of Upper Extremity Injuries in Athletic Training

ATH T 535 Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training

ATH T 530 Evaluation of Lower Extremity Injuries in Athletic Training

Master’s in Nursing: Population Health—Revised Plan

Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (NEP) Updated Bylaws

NURS 518 Translating Evidence into Practice

NURS 542 Advanced Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Assessment for Population Healthcare Professionals

NURS 553 Organizational Systems and Leadership II

NURS 557  DNP Project I

NURS 576 Organizational Systems and Leadership I

September 11, 2018


Meeting Minutes 4-3-18

Meeting Agenda 9-11-18




2018-2019  Meeting Dates


Fall 2018

September 11
September 25
October 9
October 23
November 6
November 27

Spring 2019

January 15
January 29
February 12
February 26
March 19
April 2





Time: 3:00-5:00pm

Pullman: Lighty 403, 11/6/18 (Lighty 401), 11/27/18 (Lighty 405)
Spokane: NURS 220
Vancouver: Fall 2018—-9/11/18 (DEN 301), 9/25/18 (ECS 309), 10/9/18 (SCI 140), 10/23/18 (ECS 309), 11/6/18 & 11/27/18 (DEN 301),
Spring 2019—- MMC 102Q
Tri-Cities: Floyd 247 (EAST 212 on 9/25)

Conference Dial In

Video Conference: 774472

Telephone Conference: (509) 358-7935 — ID Number 4472

Committee Members:

Doug Call  – (Co-Chair) College of Veterinary Medicine College of Education
Alex Dimitrov  – (Co-Chair)  Mathematics
Erica Nicol – Libraries
Tom Salsbury – Teaching and Learning
Peter Pfromm – Engineering
Umesh Uchila – College of Business
Yoon-Joo Lee – College of Communication
Joann Dotson – College of Nursing
Thomas May – College of Medicine
Donna Potts – College of Arts and Sciences
Lisa Shipley- CAHNRS
Jo Ann Shirley – Graduate Student
Kiana Yektansani – Graduate Student

Program/ Course Approval Documents

Major Curricular Change Forms:

Proposals: Degree approval process and flow chart

 GSC Materials
  • Bylaw Review Template [PDF]
  • Certificate Review Template [PDF]
  • New Program Review Template [DOC]
  • Course Review Template [DOC]
  • GSC Reference Documents [PDF]
  • Course Planning and Syllabi Development [Link]
  • Academic Integrity Statement [Link]
  • Students with Disabilities Statement [PDF]
  • Campus Safety Statement [PDF]
  • Faculty Senate: Home [Link]
  • Faculty Senate: Graduate Studies Committee [Link]
  • Sample bylaws  [DOC]

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Prospective Students

Why is Graduate School a good choice?

  • Research: At Washington State University, graduate students work closely with world-renown faculty on research projects that are solving big world problems. It’s your chance to help build a better world.
  • Earning Potential: Your chance for financial success grows exponentially with a graduate degree. Master’s graduates average more than $67,000 a year compared to bachelor’s graduates at about $56,000 per year. Doctoral graduates earn on average about $92,000 a year and professional degree-holders can earn about $100,000 per year.
  • Job Security: Washington state has a shortage of people with graduate degrees. Your chance of getting a good-paying job with your graduate degree are high.
  • Financial Assistance for School: The majority of graduate students at WSU get teaching, research, or graduate internships. Many students graduate from WSU with little or no debt.

Why Attend Washington State University?

Financial Assistance

Don’t let financial worry stop you from applying to graduate school. There are many resources available for graduate students. Because of all the financial assistance available, many graduate students at WSU graduate with absolutely no debt.

Childcare and Healthcare

We’re committed to providing a quality graduate education in a family-friendly environment. Discover some of the resources and benefits of attending graduate school in a quiet and safe community.



Explore Your Options

Begin planning for graduate school early in your undergraduate career. Explore the specifics of courses that might interest you, or check out all of the graduate degree programs, professional degree programs, and graduate certificates available at WSU. You can request information about any of our programs and find out early what requirements you will need to fulfill.


How to Prepare for Graduate School

There are several things you can do as an undergraduate student to prepare for graduate school.

Learn the WSU Fight Song!

Graduate School Forms

Graduate School Forms


♦ BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD THE FORMS before filling them out. Depending upon your browser, forms may not automatically download and will sometimes be dysfunctional if viewed in your browser.

♦ We recommend you  DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION OF ADOBE READER to view and download the PDF forms. The program is free and will allow you to utilize fillable PDF forms.

For questions, email or call 509-335-6424. When emailing questions, please put “Form Question“ for the subject line and include your student ID number in your email.

Searchable Forms List

Form LinkForm DescriptionFile Type
Affidavit of SupportThis is a form for international student sponsors to fill out to certify that there is financial support.PDF
Add an Academic Program Degree LevelSubmit this form if you wish to add a degree level. Contact Graduate Admissions for additional information.PDF
All But Dissertation (ABD) WaiverIf you have passed your preliminary exam and have completed your formal program of study course work, you can apply for an ABD waiver by submitting this form.PDF
Application for AdmissionWSU's online applicationWebsite
Application for Degree and GraduationInstructions for applying for your degree and graduation in myWSU. You must have an approved program of study on file at the Graduate School.Website
Application for a Graduate Certificate

Deadlines and Procedures for Graduate Certificate
File your coursework for the certificate using this form during the semester in which you are completing the certificate requirements. You must be currently enrolled to apply for a graduate certificate.

Follow the deadlines and procedures in this document when applying for a graduate certificate.

Committee ChangeIf you would like to change your committee members use this form.PDF
Committee Substitution Please submit the form in a timely fashion if you need to request a substitution for one of your committee members. PDF
Continuous Enrollment Policies for Degree-SeekingGraduate School policies and procedures for maintaining continuous enrollment for degree-seeking students.Website
Deadlines and Procedures for Doctoral DegreeFall 2017 - Spring 2019 deadlines and procedures. This includes information about when to obtain an advisor and when to submit your application for degree.PDF
Deadlines and Procedures for Master's DegreeFall 2017 - Spring 2019 deadlines and procedures. This includes information about when to obtain an advisor and when to submit your application for degree.PDF
Enrollment Request for
Careers - Undergraduate taking graduate courses
Undergraduates who want to enroll in graduate courses not for graduate credits but toward an undergraduate degree or enrichment purposes. Form must be submitted by the graduate academic coordinator of the department offering the course.PDF
Graduate LeaveFor graduate students wishing to go on official graduate leave.PDF
Graduate to UndergraduateGraduate students who are no longer pursuing a graduate degree must submit this form and also apply to undergraduate admissions. PDF
Graduation ChecklistA list of tasks to be completed in the semester in which you are planning to graduate.PDF
Hold Harmless and Copyright AgreementSubmit this form with your final dissertation or thesis.PDF
Hometown News Release FormTo spread the joy of your award, scholarship, or graduation to your friends and family back home.PDF
Incomplete Grade AgreementAn agreement for instructors and students for submitting an incomplete grade and expectations for completion. Note: if an incomplete grade is not satisfied within one year, the grade will automatically convert to an ‘F’. For example, if you received an Incomplete in fall 2013, you would have until the last day of class fall 2014 to satisfy the incomplete. For details about this policy, visit the registrar’s academic regulations.PDF
Internship Leave FormFor graduate students seeking to participate in a semester internship.PDF
Graduate to MBA StatusTo change your status from graduate student to MBA student PDF
Medical LeaveRequired along with Graduate Leave Form.PDF
Petition to Add, Drop, or Withdraw from CoursesTo change your enrollment status and add, drop, or withdraw from courses.PDF
Plan and Degree Level Change FormSubmit this form if you wish to change your major or degree level. Contact Graduate Admissions for additional information.PDF
Plan and Degree - WSU INTO ProgressionWSU INTO students submit this form when completing their graduate pathway and progressing into their degree-seeking programPDF
Program of Study RequestYour program plan for completing your degreePDF
Program of Study Request: Professionally-oriented CohortFor departments approved as professionally oriented master's programs; used to create the program plan for completing the degree. PDF
Program of Study: External Committee Member RequestSubmit this form with your Committee Request if you are proposing a committee that includes a member who is not WSU facultyPDF
Program ChangeSubmit this form if your approved program of study has changed. Be aware of dates and deadlines.PDF
Program of Study for DNPDoctor of Nursing Practice program of study/completion form. Submit the completed form to the Graduate School.PDF
Re-enrollmentComplete at least one month before you return. PDF
Registrar’s Academic Regulations Graduate students must follow procedures in the Policies and Procedures ManualWebsite
Required Votes to Pass ExamsSee the minimum positive votes needed to pass an exam.PDF
Reservation of Graduate CreditForm must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the semester in which you are requesting enrollment.PDF
Residency QuestionnaireResidency Questionnaire, Requirements, and Instructions Fillable PDF
Scheduling Exam: Doctoral/Thesis Final, Non-thesis Final, and Preliminary ExamsProcedures for scheduling standard exams. Students must have an approved Program of Study on file at the Graduate School before scheduling examinations. Fillable PDF
Scheduling Exam: Interim Final

Scheduling Exam: Interim Preliminary
An Interim Preliminary or final Exam may be requested in extenuating circumstances. The committee chair must provide a rationale why the exam can only be scheduled during one of the periods on the form.PDF
Sponsored Student Tuition & WaiverNote: The Graduate School has implemented a new procedure. Follow the directions on the link to the left.PDF
Short-term Parental LeaveFor the birth or adoption of a child.PDF
Survey of Earned Doctorates
Click on the right to select the online submission.
Submit along with your final dissertation.Online Survey
Thesis and Dissertation Formatting and Submission RequirementsInstructions for finalizing and submitting your dissertation or thesis.PDF
Thesis and Dissertation Word TemplateDownloadable Thesis and Dissertation Template Word
Thesis/Dissertation Final Acceptance ChecklistConformance and completeness checklist. This form is due upon completion of submitting final thesis or dissertation.PDF


Faculty and Staff

Resources and Deadlines

Resources for you


Register Now for the upcoming Graduate Recruitment Summit on October 9, 2018


Assistantship information, processing, forms, & guidelines

Student Deadlines

Graduate Student FORMS

Student Review Guidelines

TOEFL scores

Policies for Graduate Mentors



Finance information

PNNL-WSU Distinguished Graduate Research Program

RADS Nominations

Student Scholarships

Other Tools

Degree Program Database Editing instructions (for

Program Bylaws

Join graduate coordinator listserv:  email to join

Recruitment Tools and Resources


Resources for your Students

Current Students

Navigating your degree

Graduating This Semester?

Make sure you follow all the instructions on this website:

Doctoral Degree

Get information about establishing residency, selecting a dissertation committee, filing a doctoral Program of Study, and submitting your dissertation HERE. Find out about the Deadlines and Procedures for Doctoral Degrees.

Master’s Degree

Get information for all four semesters–from how to select an advisor, to establishing ties in Washington, what you need to file a Program of Study, as well as ordering cap and gown. Find out about the Deadlines and Procedures for Master’s Degrees.

Graduate Certificate

Find out about the procedures and deadlines for graduate certificates HERE.

Find out more about Graduate School deadlines and procedures in this video. For questions, contact



Understand Graduate School Leave Policies

To learn more detailed information, view the Policies and Procedures Manual, Chapter Five.

Graduate School

Kaitlin Witherell: “Synthetic Antimicrobial Peptides
May Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria.”

Learn More

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Why Washington State University?

Did you know that University means “Unity in Diversity?” We all understand that diversity is vital to learning because it opens up our minds to new ideas and cultures and ways of understanding. Here at Washington State University, we embrace diversity–not just the cultural richness that comes from our international community, but the way that we learn and come to understand our complex world. Graduate students from all corners of the globe have come here to learn and grow and return home to make their own communities better places. If you seek to do good in the world, our learning community will engage, challenge, and equip you for lifelong success. Come to WSU and find true unity in diversity.


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    Ph.D. student researcher inoculates trees in race against fire blight


    WENATCHEE, Wash. – Apple and pear growers in Washington state recently declared that the spring of 2018 marks one of the worst outbreaks of fire blight in recent history, as noted by Capital Press, an agricultural news publication. Read More

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