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FFAR Fellowships are now open

The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) and a consortium of leading food and agriculture companies and universities are pleased to announce that FFAR Fellows program is now accepting applications.  This program combines cutting-edge food or agriculture-related research with innovative professional development programs designed to help students be career-ready upon graduation.  The professional development portion of the program (approx. $10,000/year value) is open to current or future PhD students at any PhD granting institution, while funding for assistantship, tuition, fees and travel to FFAR Fellows events ($50,000/year) is also available for students from consortium member institutions.  FFAR Fellows will be co-sponsored by industry and FFAR.

Want to make an impact on society and be ready for a career in food and agriculture upon graduation?  Apply now to become a FFAR Fellow:



Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants

Natural Resource Conservation Endowment Fund 

The NRCEF grants up to two awards of $1,200 each year for application-oriented research and projects. More details can be found here.


Pacific Resiliency Fellows Program

The PRF program is an international fellowship program that works to support conservation efforts in the Pacific. The program takes place on O’ahu, in Hawai’i, from July 15-24. Learn more here.