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Washington State University Graduate School

Selected IIDP Ph.D. graduates


GraduatePh.D Dissertation TitleCurrent Position
Academic positions
Mason Burley, 2017Evaluating Risk for Psychiatric Re-hospitalization: A Recurrent History Analysis (Nursing, Health Policy and Administration)Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, Health Policy & Administration, Washington State University - Spokane
Georgina Lynch, 2016Pupil Response as an Indicator for Phenotype in Autism Spectrum Disorder (Psychology, Neuroscience, Nursing)Assistant Professor, Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, Washington State University - Spokane
Julia Day, 2014Occupant training in high performance buildings: An assessment of environmental satisfaction, learning and behaviors in buildings.
(Disciplines: Architecture, Interior Design and Education)
Assistant professor, School of Design and Construction, Interior Design, Washington State University
James Vaux, 2014Relationship conflict in construction management and how it affects performance and profitAssistant professor, Construction Management, University of Nebraska, Kearney
Mirzobobo Yormirzoev, 2013Essays on international migration in the former Soviet Union
(Disciplines: Economics, Sociology and Statistics)
Associate professor, School of Economics and Finance, National Research University (Moscow, Russia)
Bryan Orthel, 2012Preservation philosophy and its effects through cultural landscapeAssistant professor, Department of Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design, Kansas State University
Isil Oygur, 2012Configuring the user: How designers process user informationAssistant professor, Bahcesehir University, Turkey
Jeremy Sage, 2012A geographically informed exploration of the social and economic sustainability of alternative food systems and the rural communities who work them (Disciplines: Agricultural economics, Community & Rural Sociology, Geography)Assistant professor, School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University
Hayk Khachatryan, 2010Investigation of alternative fuel marketsAssistant professor, Food and Resource Economics Department, University of Florida
Tae-Hyun Kim, 2007Global media corporations’ impacts (Disciplines: Mass communication, Sociology and Environmental Sciences)Assistant professor, Department of Journalism, California State University, Northridge
Deborah Silva, 2007Structural identification in groups within organizations: I, We and Us (Disciplines: Organizational Communication, Business Management, Social Psychology)Associate professor, Department of Communications and Languages, Walla Walla University
Tori Byington, 2006Post-DVM educational persistence in 3rd year veterinary medical students: A hierarchical examination of mentoring, gender and organizational contextAssistant Dean for Graduate Student Success, Oregon State University
Heather Crandall, 2006Narratives of poverty and the working poor in prime time television crime drama (Disciplines: American Studies, Communication, Rhetoric)Associate professor, Communication and Leadership Studies, Gonzaga University
Deborah Thomas-Jones, 2006Middle schoolers with lesbian parents: Negotiating family between worldsResearch coordinator, School of Nursing, University of Washington
Jennifer Light, 2005Developing and assessing a holistic living-learning community for engineering and science freshmanAssociate Professor, Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division, Lewis and Clark State College
Timothy Ball, 2004The Public Broadcasting System: A survey of organizational structure, quality programming and organizational goalsAssistant professor, School of Communication Studies, James Madison University
Michael Hazel, 2004Visualization and systematic desensitization: Interventions for habituating and sensitizing patterns of public speaking anxiety (Disciplines: Communication, Statistics, Psychology)Associate professor and department chair, Communication and Leadership Studies, Gonzaga University
Kenn Dratha, 2004Managing for improved health outcomes, reduced costs and reduced utilization in Type 2 diabetic patientsAssociate professor, College of Nursing, Washington State University
Gregory Turner-Rahman, 2004Eye Candy: A study of design communities and the dialectical surface of the experimental websiteAssistant professor, Department of Art and Design, University of Idaho
Inci Deniz Ilgin, 2000Socio-cultural Metamorphosis in Istanbul After the 1980s: Spatial Analysis of Public SpacesDean of Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts in Instanbul, Turkey
Public and private sector positions
Benjamin Krauss, 2014Police records management systems and criminal investigative case clearance rates.Director of Equity and Inclusion at Gonzaga Preparatory School, Adjunct Professor at Gonzaga University.
Saad Alshahrani, 2009An economic analysis of natural resource management and development in Saudi Arabia using a general equilibrium modelEconomist, International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C.
Barry Green, 2008Just compensation value and sustainable development for large scale mineral projects in developing economiesMonitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment in Guyana with Peace Corps Response
Traci Ann Story, 2004Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR): Impacting communication apprehension (Disciplines: Communication, Education Counseling & Psychology)Professional Communication Coach and Consultant; owner of Communication Coaching and Consulting Services
Susan Marlene Pheasant, 2003Information dissemination: The case of delayed decision making and the diffusion of innovationsPresident of Pheasant Projects, an agricultural consulting company in Wenatchee, WA
Director of Agricultural Business and Technology Institute, Hartnell College