Graduate Studies Committee


The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) is a Faculty Senate committee supported by the Graduate School and the Office of the Registrar.  The GSC makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate and the Graduate School on graduate educational policies, programs, bylaws, and procedures, as well as establishment, continuation, modification, and termination of graduate courses and degree programs. Additional information about the committee composition and function can be found at the Faculty Senate GSC page.


2022-2023 Meeting Dates

All GSC meetings take place on Tuesdays, 3:10-5:00 pm, during the academic year. Agendas and minutes can be found on the GSC SharePoint Schedule and Agendas. For links to our exhibits, go to the GSC SharePoint

Fall 2022 Spring 2023
September 13 January 10
September 27 January 24
October 11 February 7
October 25 February 21
November 8 March 7
November 29 March 28
December 13 April 11


Committee Members:

Gary Wayman – (Co-Chair) College of Veterinary Medicine
Erica Nicol – (Co-Chair) Libraries
Yuliya Ardasheva – College of Education
Lonnie Nelson – College of Nursing
Peter Pfromm – College of Engineering
Uchila Umesh – College of Business
Mary Paine – College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ryan J. Thomas – College of Communication
Sindhuja Sankaran – CAHNRS

Ruth Gregory – College of Arts and Science
Astrid Suchy-Dicey – College of Medicine
Nazua Idris – Graduate Student
Ashish Kondal – Graduate Student
Kayla Spawton – Graduate Student

2021-22 Call for Bylaws Updates

Graduate program bylaws are due for an update if:

  1. They are over four years old;
  2. They do not follow the current bylaws template with the updated terminology required by the Faculty Manual;
  3. OR they have updates to the Faculty lists section of their bylaws.

To update the bylaws, the program makes the necessary changes and gets these edits approved by their graduate program faculty. After this, bylaws can be submitted to Changes will have an informal review by the Graduate School leadership prior to being reviewed by GSC. After GSC approval, the changes are published on the Graduate School Bylaws page and forwarded to Faculty Senate as an information item.

Look at the Program/Course Approval Documents below for updated templates and the GSC review checklist for bylaws revisions.

Program/ Course Approval Documents

The Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education or an associate dean of the Graduate School are available to provide assistance with any questions you might have about graduate education and policy.

Important information about degree and course requirements can be found in the Graduate School Policies and Procedures, in the Education Policies and Procedures Manual, on the syllabus website, and in the GSC Reference Documents.

Proposals to create, extend to another campus, rename, suspend, or discontinue a degree are submitted to the Office of the Provost, where you can find the instructions and appropriate forms.

Proposals to revise degree requirements, set up new plans leading to an existing degree, or create or revise graduate courses are submitted through the Office of the Registrar, where you can find the instructions and appropriate forms.

New or revised bylaws should be submitted directly to the GSC by emailing  When revising bylaws, please review the updated sample bylaws:


Once a proposal reaches the GSC, the committee uses the following templates in their analysis:


View Archived Meetings

GSC Meetings agendas, minutes and exhibits starting the Fall 2020 semester are available via the GSC SharePoint. Links on archived sites might be broken. For information on archived exhibits or past GSC actions not available online, please, contact us.


Joe Merrill, Assistant to the Vice Provost
GSC Graduate School Representative


Program Coordinator