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Washington State University Graduate School

Graduate School Mission Statement


The overall mission of the Graduate School is to advance graduate education and enhance the experience of our graduate students. We further this mission by providing service, oversight, and advocacy for all aspects of the graduate enterprise at Washington State University.

The Graduate School’s mission can be viewed as a triple tier structure that encompasses the broad sweep of graduate education and scholarship. At our basic level, the graduate school provides a foundation of service to students, faculty, academic programs, colleges, and the overall institution. Service is where we reach people and programs on an ongoing basis. Next, we provide oversight for policies, standards for graduate education, and program and institutional assessment. Our oversight mission is directly related to administrative support for graduate education. Finally, we advocate for graduate education, research, diversity, and integrity on campus, in the state, nation, and globally. Through recruitment of students, leveraging of grant proposals, or working with our donors and sponsors, the graduate school provides advocacy on a continuous basis.

To advance the Graduate School mission we embrace the challenge to work collectively with colleges, degree granting programs, faculty, students, prospective students, alumni, and their associated administrative and representative units.