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Washington State University Graduate School

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Form/DocumentDecription/Link to Form or Document
ABD Pilot ProgramInformation about the ABD Pilot Program View Application
ABD WaiverThis form is only for students who have passed prelims, completed formal study coursework, and are/will continue to be supported on grant funds and will remain enrolled full time. Doctoral students who complete their prelims and their formal study coursework but do not remain enrolled full time and are not supported by an assistantship during completion of their dissertation should not complete the ABD form. Visit the policies for CDS online for more information about Continuous Doctoral Status. View PDF
Academic Year Processing MemoFor all graduate assistantship appointments from August 16 through May 15. View PDF
Bylaws Review Template and SampleBylaws Guidelines
Sample Bylaws
Conditional Admission guidelinesConditional admission is granted on a case-by-case basis to an applicant who meets all the academic requirements of admission but who does not meet the English proficiency requirements. This is a secure file. You will need to log in with your Network ID and password to access. View Document
Denial Letter TemplateAdmission denial letter template. This is a secure file. You will need to log in with your Network ID and password to access. View Document
Domestic Offer LetterGraduate assistantship offer for domestic students. This is a secure file. You will need to log in with your Network ID and password to access. View Document
English Proficiency ExamAll teaching assistants from a foreign country must pass a TOEFL exam, unless the student is from or has graduated from one of the following countries: Australia; Bahamas; Botswana; Guyana; England; Ireland; Jamaica; New Zealand; Nigeria; Scotland; Trinidad; Tobago; Canada. For more information please visit the IELTS website HERE
Extension Offer Letter for GAsGraduate assistantship extension offer letter template. This is a secure file. You will need to log in with your Network ID and password to access. View Document
FellowshipsFellowships and traineeships vary considerably, each with its own set of guidelines and restrictions set by the funding agency. WSU offers fellowships and traineeships through the Graduate School and academic departments as well as other external agencies. Graduate fellows who meet all eligibility criteria outlined here will be appointed through their respective academic departments.

Ph.D. Fellowship Tuition Support Program
Some fellowship awards fall short of meeting a graduate fellow’s educational expenses. The Ph.D.Fellowship Tuition Support Program (PDF) allows eligible students to receive support from the Graduate School to augment their fellowship award by providing a supplemental tuition waiver support.

Non-service Payment Form
The Non-service Payment Form authorizes disbursements to individuals who are not obligated to provide services to WSU in exchange for the payments. Please see the Business Policies & Procedures Manual 30.30 for more information. BPPM 30.30
FORMS for Graduate StudentsThis page is a searchable list of all the forms graduate students need to navigate through their degree programs: View Forms
Graduate Assistant EvaluationsIf a graduate student is appointed to an assistantship for a semester including the summer, or for the entire academic year, the department is responsible for ensuring that the student receives a review of their progress in fulfilling the responsibilities of the assistantship. In addition, all students appointed to an assistantship must certify annually that they have met the requirements of the assistantship. Certification requires both the student’s and the department/supervisor’s signature indicating that the student did all of the following during their appointment period:

-Remained enrolled full time (at least 10 credits);
-Maintained a 3.0 cumulative GPA during the period of the appointment; and
-Met the service requirement of an average of 20 hours per week for 0.5 FTE as scheduled by the department/supervisor (or based on hours required for partial FTE appointment).

This certification requirement may be added to the department’s annual review form and/or the assistantship review form. The Graduate School’s annual review template has a sample certification section. If the student did not meet one or more of these requirements, the student will not be reappointed to the assistantship, unless he/she is granted an exception to policy based on extenuating circumstances. Exceptions to policy must be submitted by the department to the Dean of the Graduate School.

Download the GA Evaluations Form (PDF). This is a secure file. You will need to log in with your Network ID and password to access. Download PDF
Graduate Assistant Medical InsuranceGraduate assistants who maintain at least a half-time (20 hrs./wk.) assistantship appointment are eligible for medical and dental insurance benefits. Graduate assistants appointed and eligible for health insurance during spring semester (January 1 – May 15) are automatically provided health insurance during the summer semester (May 16 – August 15).

Graduate assistants may also enroll family members including spouses, eligible dependent children, and domestic partners. The PASS Program enables spouses or partners of eligible graduate/professional students who are on graduate school health insurance (Pullman campus only) to access health care services at the Health and Wellness Services office on campus. View More Info and Enrollment or Cancellation Form
Graduate Assistantship Stipend GuideGraduate assistant salaries range from step 1 to step 115 on the assistantship salary grid. Each step represents a pay range for half-time (20 hrs./wk.) graduate appointments. Each department and program determines the most appropriate salary range based on the student’s qualifications, experience, academic standing, and availability of funds. Departments have a wide range of salary options available to make competitive appointments. View Document
Graduate Assistant Tuition Waivers InformationGraduate assistants who maintain at least a half-time (20 hrs. /wk.) appointment are eligible for full tuition waivers. Students appointed a quarter time assistantship (10 hrs./wk.) are eligible for half tuition waivers. To qualify for a tuition waiver, students must reside within the state of Washington. Non-resident graduate students on assistantship appointments are eligible for a non-resident waiver for the out-of-state portion of tuition during the first year they are on assistantship appointment at WSU. During that first year, students are responsible for taking all necessary steps to establish legal residency in the state of Washington. If residency is not established, non-resident graduate students will be responsible for non-resident tuition after their first academic year. International students are provided an out-of-state tuition waiver with their assistantship appointment throughout their academic career.
Graduate Assistant Tuition Waiver Processing and AccountingFollow the process of approving tuition waivers from the point of the graduate assistantship offer to the approval of the tuition waiver. This is a secure file. You will need to log in with your Network ID and password to access. View PDF
Graduate Mentor Policy including examination processHigh quality graduate programs include notable faculty and systems for advising and mentoring graduate students. All faculty advisors should be responsible for encouraging and ensuring effective mentorship for graduate students during their course of studies. The policies for graduate mentors are spelled out in the graduate school policies and procedures.

The Graduate Mentor Academy is a group of senior faculty members who are prepared to represent the Graduate School during student exams when an independent observer is requested, when the student has failed the first exam and is taking a re-examination, or when there are other extenuating circumstances. An overview of the graduate mentor’s responsibilities and the policies and procedures related to examinations is available for any faculty member who is serving on a student’s committee and would like to become more familiar with the examination process. Click HERE to download a copy of the overview of the Graduate School’s policies and procedures for graduate mentors.
Graduate School Leave of AbsenceOfficial graduate leave of absence is granted for students in active status who must be away from their studies for one or more semesters.
Find out More
View Application for Graduate Leave
Graduate Studies Committee Documents This page includes all of the meeting minutes, and course and degree proposals by the Graduate Studies Committee. View Website
Graduate Program Review and AssessmentThe Graduate School conducts program reviews and supports faculty in their assessment of student learning outcomes to ensure the continued development, growth, and sustainability of excellence in graduate programs across the university. These reports are available online: View Website
International Offer LetterAssistantship offer for international student. This is a secure file. You will need to log in with your network ID and password to view. View Document
PERMS Personnel Action Form AcronymsThe PERMS Personnel Action Form Acronyms offers a list of waiver acronyms options and their associated names. View PDF
Residency RequirementsDeadlines and Requirements for Washington State Residency
Responsible Conduct of Research TrainingThe RCR training is a requirement for all assistantships at WSU. Access the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training website for information on state regulations, guidelines, and sponsor requirements. Log in to MyResearch to begin your Responsible Conduct of Research training.
Signature AuthoritySignature authority for persons serving as graduate faculty coordinators. This is a secure file. You will need to log in with your Network ID and password to access. View Document
Sponsored Student Tuition & Non-Resident WaiverStudents eligible for Graduate Student Health Insurance and/or applicable non-resident waiver include:

–Graduates fully supported by a fellowship who are receiving a stipend of at least $800 per month; engaged in research activity similar to that of a Research Assistant; registered for at least 10 credits, or
-Students in their final semester (defending by enrolled in 2-9 credits) and previously funded on an assistantship or
-Students who have completed/submitted the Internship Leave form to the Graduate School.

Tuition Waiver Form
For issues with the support memo, please click HERE for instructions.
Summer Session Offer LetterGraduate assistantship offer for summer session. This is a secure file. You will need to log in with your Network ID and password to access. View Document
Summer Session Processing MemoThe Summer Session Processing Memo is for all graduate assistantship appointments from May 16th through August 15th. View PDF
TOEFL ScoresView TOEFL Test Website
Transcript EvaluationGraduate School requirements for transcripts. This is a secure file. You will need to log in with your Network ID and password to access. View PDF