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Washington State University Graduate School

Chapter Three

Graduate programs distinguish themselves by advanced, focused, and scholarly studies in one or more academic disciplines. Maintaining high academic standards requires a solid infrastructure that includes a critical mass of faculty engaged in research and scholarly productivity; graduate library, laboratory and research facilities; a critical number of graduate students and the opportunity for them to interact with graduate faculty and other students, teach classes, conduct research, and participate in colloquia and seminars; and adequate support services. In addition, students need ready access to all required core courses in their program.

The specific intellectual and other resource requirements for excellence vary considerably among graduate programs. Therefore, it is the philosophy of the Graduate School that individual program faculty are best qualified to determine program requirements, beyond the minimum standards established by the Graduate School, that will sustain rigor and excellence in their field of study. Graduate faculty have the responsibility to determine whether their program has the appropriate support and infrastructure to be able to maintain the academic standards needed for an excellent graduate program.Such determination should be based on the criteria outlined in the graduate program’s bylaws.


A. Descriptions of Graduate Programs

B. Graduate Programs at Multiple Campuses

C. Establishing New Graduate Programs

D. Alterations to Existing Graduate Programs

E. Definition of Graduate Level Courses

F. Addition or Modification of Graduate Courses


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