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Chapter 3D: Alterations to Existing Graduate Programs

All changes to existing graduate programs are categorized as major curricular changes.Many degree programs may have multiple options, specializations, or tracks, which in this document will be referred to commonly as plans. Examples of major curricular changes include, adding or dropping courses from a plan, substantial changes in curricula or plans, change in name of department or programs or degrees, change of graduation requirements, development of a new plan or minor.The complete list of major curricular changes and the procedures for accomplishing these changes are detailed in the Faculty Senate Educational Policies and Procedures Manual ( The Major Curricular Change form is available from the Registrar’s Office or online at Minor curricular changes refer only to minor changes in individual courses.

Substantial degree changes that require a Notice of Intent and formal proposal can be found on the provost’s website. These changes include discontinuing a degree, extending a degree, renaming a degree, and aligning or consolidating a degree. For these changes, the program approval process must be followed. The Major Curricular Change form should be completed for the Faculty Senate phase.

For substantial changes related to program or degree requirements, curricula, options, specializations and/or plans,complete information must be provided in memo form and attached to the Major Curricular Change form.This includes but is not limited to a full description and reasons for the proposed change, cost analysis (added cost or savings), facility needs, faculty/staff arrangements, enrollment data, and special considerations. Curriculum Committee and/or accreditation recommendations should also accompany the paperwork when applicable.

Major curricular changes are normally initiated from the faculty and program director or through the cooperative efforts of deans or directors of their respective units. As provided by the Faculty Senate Constitution, the Catalog Subcommittee considers all major curricular changes and submits recommendations to the Faculty Senate Graduate Studies Committee (GSC). The GSC makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate.


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