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Chapter 13E: DNP Project Requirements

The DNP Project is an integrative experience that synthesizes practice inquiry, leadership, and inter-professional practice. The focus of the project will be the development of a translational research project that requires the appraisal and translation of evidence to practice. Students will investigate a research question related to an area of nursing practice, the health care delivery system, or a health care policy issue. The project may take a variety of forms, but each project must demonstrate the use of evidence to improve clinical outcomes or to resolve the gap between evidence and improvement of evidence in clinical practice and community policy. The DNP Project is the final evidence of the knowledge and skills accrued throughout the entire DNP program. It should be taken in the last three semesters of study. Students should have completed all the core DNP courses and specialty track courses/clinical either before or concurrent with registering for this sequence (NURS 557, 558, 559).

1. Project Requirements

Project requirements include development and implementation of the DNP Project, analysis of findings/results, and dissemination of recommendations for best practice. The product produced by students in completing the DNP Project is a scholarly paper. An Executive Summary describing all aspects of the project will be presented to the student’s preceptor. Students will prepare a poster or PowerPoint presentation and a written report describing their DNP Project for presentation to the faculty that includes invited members of the College of Nursing graduate faculty. Students will be encouraged to disseminate findings of their research through presentation at a research conference and/or through publication in a peer-reviewed journal or repository.

2. Required Courses

The DNP Project is course-based and does not require the formation of a faculty advisory committee like the Ph.D. advisory committee. The course faculty for the series of three DNP Project courses serves as the major advisor for development of the scholarly paper and presentation. A community-based leader who serves as a preceptor and mentor for the DNP student may participate in reviewing and evaluating all major assignments produced for the Project courses. The course sequence required to complete the project includes three courses:

  • NURS 557 – Concepts of DNP Project, 3 credits
  • NURS 558 – DNP Project I: Data Collection and Program Design, 3 credits
  • NURS 559 – DNP Project II: Implementation, Evaluation and Dissemination, 3 credits