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Chapter 13C: Maximum Time Limits for Completion of DNP

Most students enrolled in the DNP-FNP or DNP-PMHNP degree program require 3-5 years for completion of their program. The maximum time allowed for completion of the DNP degree for these specialty students is 5 years, from the beginning date of the earliest course applied toward the degree, in order to be eligible to sit for licensure as an NP. If courses are older than 5 years, the student will need to repeat the major courses in pathophysiology, advanced physical assessment, and advanced pharmacology.

DNP Advanced Population Health (DNP-APH) graduate students are not bound by the 5-year rule and may need longer to complete their clinical hours. DNP-APH students who anticipate degree completion taking longer than 5 years must work closely in collaboration with their advisor and set a graduation goal that is reasonable but no longer than ten years to completion.


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