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Washington State University Graduate School

Chapter Six: General Academic Requirements

A. Academic Load

Number of credit hours required per semester.

B. Academic Evaluation of Students

Graduate programs must complete an annual review of each student.

C. Minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) Policy and Academic Probation

Minimum GPA, Probationary Continuing Enrollment, Termination of Enrollment, Reinstatement.

D. Degree Objectives and Requirements

Academic policies related to master’s degrees and doctoral degrees are explained in Chapters 7 and 8, respectively. Professional degrees outside the Graduate School include the Doctor of Pharmacy (College of Pharmacy), Master of Business Administration (College of Business) and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (College of Veterinary Medicine). For more information about these programs, please contact these programs and colleges directly.

E. Maximum Time Limits for Completion of Degree

Master’s and Doctoral Degrees.

F. Procedure to Request Extension of Degree Program

Information regarding requests for first, second, and third extensions.

G. Program of Study

Definition, Gen Requirements, Filing, Changing, and Fulfilling, Transfer Credit.

H. Submitting Final Thesis or Dissertation to the Graduate School

Microfilm, Copyright, Patent Agreements, Digital Submission as a PDF

I. National Science Foundation Survey of Earned Doctorates and Exit Questionnaires

Upon completing the final dissertation, doctoral students are asked to complete these.


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