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Washington State University Graduate School

Chapter 6I: NSF Survey of Earned Doctorates and Exit Questionnaires

Upon submitting the final dissertation, doctoral students (with the exception of D.N.P. students) are asked to complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates from the National Science Foundation. The Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) began in 1957–58 to collect data continuously on the number and characteristics of individuals receiving research doctoral degrees from all accredited U.S. institutions. All individuals, as they receive their research doctorate, are asked to complete the survey. The results of this annual survey are used to assess characteristics and trends in doctorate education and degrees. This information is vital for educational and labor force planners within the federal government and in academia. Each U.S. graduate school is responsible for providing the survey to their graduates and then submitting completed forms to the survey contractor.

The Graduate School may also have exit questionnaires for students completing a graduate program. These are intended to assess educational outcomes and provide important information related to program quality and effectiveness.

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