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Washington State University Graduate School

Chapter 6B: Academic Evaluation of Students

All graduate programs must complete an annual review of each graduate student (see exception to this policy in Chapter 14). The elements of annual review include:

  • Cumulative record including admission and classification information, course work, research proposals and all examinations, i.e., advisory, placement, qualifying, preliminary and final examinations, and progress since last review.
  • Qualitative assessment by faculty of progress in research and teaching, as appropriate.
  • Statement as to the rate of progress, i.e., satisfactory or unsatisfactory.
  • Expectations for the next review period.
  • The department/program chair will give written notification to each graduate student of his/her performance on an annual basis. After appropriate faculty have been consulted, the annual evaluation of those students whose GPA is considered deficient must be sent to the Dean of the Graduate School to be placed in the student’s official file.
  • If an annual review for a student is less than satisfactory, a written copy of that review should be forwarded to the Graduate School.
  • If the student was appointed to an assistantship for a semester, including the summer, or for the entire academic year, the department is responsible for ensuring that the student receives a review of their progress in fulfilling the responsibilities of the assistantship. In addition, every graduate assistant should certify that s/he has met the requirements of the assistantship. See Chapter 9, “Evaluation and Certification,” for additional information. Certification may be added to the student’s annual review form or to the form that the department uses to review the student’s assistantship work.

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