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Washington State University Graduate School

Chapter 1C: Faculty Senate Graduate Studies Committee

The Faculty Senate’s Graduate Studies Committee is composed of one faculty member from each college that offers graduate training(appointed for three-year terms), one member of the libraries faculty, three graduate students (appointed for one-year renewable terms), with at least two geographic regions represented. At least one member of the Faculty Senate Graduate Studies Committee should also be a member of the Faculty Senate. The president of the Graduate and Professional Student Association, the dean of the Graduate School, the provost, all chancellors, and the registrar, or their designees, serve as ex-officio non-voting members.

The functions of the Faculty Senate Graduate Studies Committee are the following:

  • Reviews and appraises graduate educational policies, programs, and procedures.
  • Recommends establishment, continuation, modification, and termination of graduate courses and degree programs.
  • Advises the dean of the Graduate School.
  • Makes policy recommendations regarding the granting of graduate scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships.
  • Consults with the Academic Affairs Committee and the Professional Health Sciences Committee on those policies and procedures that jointly affect graduate and undergraduate education or health professional programs.


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