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Washington State University Graduate School

Chapter 9A: Eligibility

The Office of the Dean of the Graduate School will determine eligibility for an assistantship and will review and approve the terms of the proposed appointment. Graduate appointments are limited to those who are pursuing programs of study leading to advanced degrees at Washington State University.

  1. Students admitted to the Graduate School in degree-seeking graduate status who have a 3.0 grade point average or higher are eligible for a graduate assistantship.
  2. Provisionally admitted students in degree-seeking status with grade point averages above 2.75 may receive an initial appointment if recommended and justified by the department/program chair.
  3. Students admitted in non-degree seeking classifications (formerly UNDG, NADC, including students enrolled solely in a graduate certificate program, or undergraduate non-degree status) are not eligible for a graduate assistantship.
  4. International graduate students whose native language is not English and who have not previously held a teaching assistantship at Washington State University are required to take an English proficiency examination [the International Teaching Assistant (ITA) evaluation] before being granted a teaching assistantship. Departments/programs that plan to offer teaching assistantships to international students whose native language is not English must inform the students that they are required to take an English language proficiency examination before being granted a teaching assistantship. The department also must schedule the exam with the Intensive American Language Center before the date of the appointment. A faculty member from the requesting department will be required to attend the examination for each of the students to be evaluated.
  5. The Graduate School requires that, to comply with state of Washington law (RCW 28B.112), any student desiring to be considered for an assistantship must declare whether the student is the subject of any sustained findings of sexual misconduct in any current or former employment or is currently being investigated for, or have left a position during an investigation into, a violation of any sexual misconduct policy at the applicant’s current or past employers. The (sexual misconduct statement (SMS) form will be sent to graduate students after they have accepted an offer of admission.


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