Chapter Fourteen D

Chapter 14D: Academic Evaluation of Students

Some professionally oriented master’s degree programs have a standard curriculum that all students must take and that can be completed within a set timeframe, sometimes in less than two academic years. An annual evaluation for students in good academic standing (Chapter 6.B) is not required in a program that takes one academic year (fall, spring) or three academic semesters (i.e., fall, spring, and fall) to complete. However, an annual evaluation should be performed if the student is not making adequate academic progress (i.e., not making progress to complete the program within the expected time-frame, repeating coursework, withdrawing from one or more courses, and/or having more than one incomplete on record). If the program takes two academic years or longer to complete, the program must do, at a minimum, an academic review of progress toward degree of all graduate students at the mid-point of their program (Chapter 6.B of this policy manual for more information on conducting an academic evaluation of students).


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