Chapter Four

The Graduate School is responsible for official admission decisions regarding all graduate students at WSU. The dean of the Graduate School makes these decisions with the input and advice from appropriate Graduate School staff, graduate programs, departments, and colleges. Programs and/or degree granting units and the Graduate School have the right to deny admission to any student, regardless of whether the student meets the minimum admission requirements, and are not required to provide a reason for denial.

The Graduate School’s admission policies are closely aligned with admission criteria set by the Washington State Achievement Council (WSAC) for universities operating within the state of Washington.Additional information regarding WSAC can be found on their website:

The following policies apply to all applicants to the Graduate School and graduate students at Washington State University, except as stated. Additional information regarding application and admission to Graduate School is found on the Graduate School website

A. General Policies

B. Provisional Admission

C. Admission for Non-degree-seeking students

D. Change of Program and Degree Level, and Addition of Programs

E. Admission for Students Working Simultaneously Toward Baccalaureate and Advanced Degrees

F. Council of Graduate Schools Resolution

G. Unsuccessful Applicants and Accepted Students Who Decline Offer of Admission

H. Change of Date of Admission/Re-application to Graduate School

I. Readmission After Resignation or Unapproved Absence

J. Change from Non-degree Status to Degree Program

K. Graduate Study for Faculty/Staff

L. Change of Status from Graduate to Undergraduate



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