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Washington State University Graduate School

Chapter Eleven

Research is an integral part of graduate student training. The Graduate School promotes high ethical standards among graduate students engaged in research activities and supports faculty in their efforts to educate students in the responsible conduct of research. Responsible research involves establishing an environment that fosters open communications, promotes best practices, and establishes a culture of integrity and scholarship. Information on human subjects; animal welfare; conflicts of interest; data acquisition, management, sharing and ownership; and publication practices and responsible authorship provide guidance to graduate students as they learn to become responsible researchers. This section of the policies and procedures manual provides an overview of links to policies, procedures, and resources that graduate students should access to be responsible researchers at WSU.

A. Research Conduct

B. Grants to Graduate Students

C. Patents and Copyrights

D. Research Involving Animal Subjects

E. Research Involving Human Subjects

F. Research Involving the Use of Biohazards

G. Research Involving the Use of Hazardous Chemicals

H. Research Involving the Use of Ionizing Radiation

I. Conflict of Interest

J. Export Controls