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Washington State University Graduate School


WSU Graduate Program Bylaws

Program NameDate ApprovedBylaws 
Agriculture, MSFebruary 2017Bylaws
American Studies, MA, PhDNovember 2018Bylaws
Animal Sciences, MS, PhDMarch 2010Bylaws
Anthropology, MA, PhDMarch 2016Bylaws
Apparel Merchandising and Textiles, MAOctober 2010Bylaws
Architecture, MANovember 2011Bylaws
Athletic Training, MATOctober 2019Bylaws
Biological and Agricultural EngineeringDecember 2015Bylaws
Business Administration, PhDMarch 2014Bylaws
Chemical Engineering, MS, PhDOctober 2012Bylaws
Chemistry, MS, PhDApril 2010Bylaws
Civil Engineering, MS, PhD
Environmental Engineering, MS
September 2017Bylaws
Clinical Psychology, PhDApril 2010Bylaws
Communication, MA. PhDMarch 2015Bylaws
Computer Science, MS, VancouverApril 2015Bylaws
Counseling Psychology, MA, PhDOctober 2011Bylaws
Criminal Justice, MA, PhDOctober 2011Bylaws
Crop and Soil Sciences, MS, PhDNovember 2016Bylaws
Cultural Studies and Social Thought in Education, PhDApril 2019Bylaws
Curriculum and Instruction, MA, EdMMarch 2015Bylaws
Economic Sciences, MS, PhDMarch 2018Bylaws
Education, EdDJanuary 2015Bylaws
Educational Leadership, MA, EdM, PhDMarch 2015Bylaws
Educational Psychology, MA, M.Ed, PhDJanuary 2019Bylaws
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Ms, PhDDecember 2014Bylaws
Electrical Engineering (Vancouver) MSJanuary 2018Bylaws
Engineering and Technology Management, METMOctober 2016Bylaws
Engineering Science, MA, PhDFebruary 2016Bylaws
English, MA, PhDApril 2014Bylaws
English Language Learners, MA, EdMFebruary 2015Bylaws
Entomology, MS, PhDNovember 2014Bylaws
Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, PhDMarch 2014Bylaws
Environmental Science, MSMarch 2014Bylaws
Experimental Psychology, PhDMarch 2020Bylaws
Fine Arts, MFASeptember 2016Bylaws
Food Science, MS, PhDApril 2010Bylaws
Foreign Languages and Cultures, MAOctober 2012Bylaws
Geology, PhDMarch 2014Bylaws
Geology, MSMarch 2014Bylaws
Health Policy Administration, MHPAApril 2016Bylaws
History, PhD, MAOctober 2016Bylaws
Horticulture, MS, PhDApril 2019Bylaws
Interior Design, MAOctober 2011Bylaws
Landscape Architecture, MSSeptember 2010Bylaws
Language, Literacy, and Technology, PhDFebruary 2018Bylaws
Literacy Education, MA, EdMMarch 2015Bylaws
Master in Teaching, MITApril 2015Bylaws
Materials Science and Engineering, PhDFebruary 2011Bylaws
Materials Science and Engineering, MSApril 2016Bylaws
Mathematics and Science Education, PhDFebruary 2015Bylaws
Mathematics and Statistics, MS, PhDOctober 2015Bylaws
Mechanical Engineering; MS, PhDMarch 2016Bylaws
Mechanical Engineering, MS, VancouverApril 2015Bylaws
Molecular Biosciences, MS, PhDSeptember 2017Bylaws
Molecular Plant Sciences, MS, PhDOctober 2015Bylaws
Music, MAFebruary 2017Bylaws
Natural Sciences, M.S.June 2015Bylaws
Neuroscience, MS, PhDNovember 2011Bylaws
Nursing, MN, PhD, DNPJune 2012Bylaws
Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, MS
Coordinated Program in Dietetics, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, MS
October 2018Bylaws
Pharmaceutical Sciences, MS, PhDNovember 2017Bylaws
Physics, Ms, PhDNovember 2015Bylaws
Plant Pathology, MS, PhDOctober 2013Bylaws
Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs, MA, PhDFebruary 2013Bylaws
Prevention Science, PhDApril 2019Bylaws
Professional Science Masters: Electric Power Engineering, PSMJanuary 2018Bylaws
Professional Science Masters: Molecular Biosciences, PSMSeptember 2017Bylaws
School of Biological Sciences: Zoology, MS, PhD; Botany, MS, PhDNovember 2011Bylaws
Sociology, MA, PhDDecember 2014Bylaws
Special Education, MA, EdM, PhDMarch 2016Bylaws
Speech and Hearing Sciences, MSDecember 2009Bylaws
Sport Management, MAMarch 2015Bylaws
Strategic Communication, MASeptember 2014Bylaws
Veterinary Science
Veterinary Clinical and Transitional SciencesApril 2017Bylaws
Veterinary Science: Immunology and Infectious Diseases, MS, PhDFebruary 2018Bylaws
Veterinary Science: Integrative Physiology and NeuroscienceFebruary 2018Bylaws
Veterinary Science: Combine Anatomic Pathology Residency February 2018Bylaws
Veterinary Science: Combined Clinical Microbiology Residency February 2018Bylaws