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Washington State University Graduate School

Graduate School Forms available at

Academic Regulations: The University’s academic policies and procedures.

Add an Academic Program Degree Level: Submit this form if you wish to add a degree level. Contact Graduate Admissions for additional information.

All But Dissertation (ABD) Waiver: If you have passed your preliminary exam and completed your formal program of study course work, you can apply for an ABD waiver by submitting this form.

Application for Degree: In order to submit the application for a degree, you must have an approved Program of Study on file at the Graduate School. To complete the form, log in at

Application for Graduate Certificate: Application for a graduate certificate. See Deadlines and Procedures.

Committee Change: If you would like to change your committee members use this form. Be aware of dates and deadlines.

Committee Substitution: If you need to request a substitution for one of your committee members. Please submit the form in a timely fashion.

Continuous Enrollment Policies: Graduate School policies and procedures for maintaining continuous enrollment for degree-seeking students.

Change of Program: Submit this form if your approved program of study has changed. Be aware of the dates and deadlines.

Deadlines and Procedures for Graduation for master’s and doctoral degrees:  See all of the deadlines and procedures for graduation (including when to obtain an adviser and when to submit your application for degree).

Dissertation/Thesis Acceptance Checklist:  Conformance and completeness checklist, due upon submission of final thesis or dissertation.

Exam Scheduling forms: Doctoral, interim preliminary, interim final, master’s, master’s non-thesis, and preliminary exam forms.

Hold Harmless and Copyright Agreement: The hold harmless agreement/copyright acknowledgement form is due upon completion of submitting final thesis or dissertation.

Internship Leave Approval Form: For graduate students going on internship leave.

Graduate to Undergraduate Form: Graduate students who are no longer pursuing a graduate degree must submit this form and also apply to undergraduate admissions.

Hometown News Release: Submit the form for a hometown news release after you’ve completed your degree.

Incomplete Grade Agreement: This form is for the instructor and student to complete as an agreement to the reason for submitting an Incomplete “I” grade and expectations for completion.

Leave Forms: Medical, Internship, and Parental leave forms for students who wish to go on formal leave.

Petition Form (Graduate Student): Use this form to petition changes in enrollment and to academic calendar deadlines.

Plan and Degree Level Change Form: Submit this form if you wish to change your major or degree level. Contact Graduate Admissions for additional information.

Preliminary Exam: You must have an approved program of study on file, and permission from your committee to submit the scheduling form. Be aware of the deadlines.

Program of Study: The Program of Study Form is to propose a student’s advisory committee and to propose the course work a student will complete toward the earning of the degree.

Program of Study/DNP Completion Form: Complete the DNP Program of Study form for the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. The DNP Completion section is completed by the Program Director when the student has met all of the DNP requirements.

Reenrollment Form: At least one month before your return to school after an absence, you will need to submit the request for reenrollment form.

Required Votes to Pass Exams: The form lists the number of positive votes that a candidate needs to pass an exam.

Reserve Graduate Credit: Prior to enrollment in courses, you must submit the request for graduate credit for courses taken by class 5B and 5C students. Reserve Graduate Credit (seniors): The request for graduate credit must be submitted before seniors (maximum of 6 hours) are able to enroll in the courses.

Residency procedures: Requirements and instructions for acquiring Washington State residency.

Short-term Parental Leave: For the birth and adoption of a child.

Sponsored Graduate Student Support Memo: For departments to petition for Graduate Student Health Insurance, Non-Resident Waivers, and to provide tuition and fee guarantees and special agreement waivers.

Contact the Graduate School finance area for more information.

Survey of Earned Doctorates: Upon submitting your final dissertation, this survey of earned doctorates is also due. The survey can also be found on-line at