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Students in a Summer Biology Course Extracting DNA from Cheek cells

PNNL-WSU Distinguished Graduate Research Program

Tackle scientific challenges alongside some of the nation’s leading energy, environment, and national security researchers


Washington state is home to several research institutions, and Washington State University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are paving the way in clean energy, smart manufacturing, sustainability, and national security innovation. And they’re seeking fresh minds.

Through the PNNL-WSU Distinguished Graduate Research Program (DGRP), Ph.D. students will earn a stipend along with benefits while working under a prestigious graduate committee on nationally relevant research. It is a unique opportunity to tap into the knowledge and world-class research infrastructure available at both institutions.

DGRP students will work with faculty at WSU and scientists at PNNL while completing their graduate coursework and subsequently transfer to PNNL for the remaining years of their PhD program to gain hands-on research experience with PNNL scientists. There will be opportunities in the following research areas:

  • Radiochemistry
  • Electric power and Smart Grid
  • Biofuels, bio-products, and catalysis
  • Environmental, water and soil science and engineering
  • and more

The Four-year* Program Includes:

  • Assistantship for financial support – salary, tuition waiver, benefits, support for mandatory fees
  • Oversight by graduate committee of nationally-recognized scientists
  • Collaboration with nationally recognized (and, in some cases, world-renowned) researchers
  • Access to world-class research infrastructure

*Additional support may be requested if Ph.D. program extends beyond 4 years

Applications Are Open

-Application deadline: February 2, 2018

-Award notification: February 28, 2018

Program Announcement (PDF)

Program Guidelines (PDF)

  • Objectives
  • Financial Support
  • Eligibility
  • Application

Apply Now


Questions? Email


2017 Cohort

Front row, left to right: Trent Graham (blue shirt), Jenny Voss (dark gray jacket), Priyanka Ghosh (purple dress), Justine Missik (blue shirt), Nadia Panossian (dark gray jacket)
Middle row, left to right: Malin Young (PNNL), Anthony Krzysko (blue shirt, gray jacket), Christina Louie (gray shirt/black jacket), Austin Winkelman (green striped tie), Stephen Taylor (blue striped shirt), Chris Keene
Back row, left to right: Lori Carris, Ralph Cavalieri, Ernesto Martinez-Baez (blue sweater with stripes)

Read the news release HERE.

PNNL 2017 Cohort

StudentStudent field of studyPI/ChairPNNL Faculty
Jenny VossChemical EngineeringNorbert KruseDaniel Perea, Arun Devaraj
Nadia PanossianMechanical EngineeringDustin McLartySrinivas Katipmula
Ernesto Martinez-BaezChemistryAurora ClarkGregory Schenter
Priyanka GhoshComputer ScienceAnanth KalyanaramanSriram Krishnamoorthy
Christina LouieChemical EngineeringSue B. ClarkSue B. Clark
Justine MissikEngineering ScienceHepping Liu Maoyi Huang
Xu LiuComputer EngineeringAssefaw GebremedhinAndrew Lumsdaine
Stephen TaylorSoil ScienceMarkus FluryCarolyn Pearce
Trent GrahamChemical EngineeringAurora ClarkKevin Rosso
Isaac JohnsonMaterial Science and EngineeringJohn McCloyTatiana Levitskaia
Austin WinkelmanChemistryYong WangYong Wang
Anthony KrzyskoChemistrySue B. ClarkSue B. Clark


Graduate Studies Committee Meetings

Graduate Studies Committee Meetings

Fall 2018 – Spring 2019

November 27, 2018


Informational Items:

Revised Committee Make-up

Meeting Minutes


Tabled items from 11/6/2018 meeting

Primary Reviewer (Dotson): 

  • PSYCH 524  Motivational Interviewing (Dotson, May) ***TABLED DUE TO LACK OF A CLEAR GRADING CRITERIA

Primary Reviewer (Lee): 

  • HORT 508 Research Orientation and Communication (Lee, Nicol) ***TABLED GRADING CRITERIA AND TITLING CONCERNS

Primary Reviewer (Shipley): 

Primary Reviewer (Uchila):

  • VET PATH 545Mechanisms of Disease (Uchila, Salsbury)***TABLED TO NEXT MEETING

Action Items


November 6, 2018


Meeting Agenda 11-6-18

Meeting Minutes 10-23-18



Primary Reviewer (Dimitrov): 

Primary Reviewer (Dotson): 

  • PSYCH 524 Motivational Interviewing (Dotson, May)

Primary Reviewer (Lee): 

Primary Reviewer (May): 

Primary Reviewer (Nicol): 

  • ECONS 509 Quantitative Methods in Economic Dynamics (Nicol, Shipley)

Primary Reviewer (Potts): 

Primary Reviewer (Salsbury): 

Primary Reviewer (Shipley): 

Primary Reviewer (Uchila):


Discussion Items:

MATH 524 Algebraic Topology

MATH 529 Computatinal Topology

VET MICR 541 Advanced Diagnostic Microbiology

VET MICR 591 Seminar in Diagnostic Microbiology

Protein Biotechnology Revised Graduate Certificate

AFS 505 Computational and Analytical Methods for Scientists

CROP SCI 506 Research Presentations

ATH T 591 Clinical Internship I

MS in Environmental Science (Vancouver) Non-Thesis

MSE 701 Master’s Independent Capstone Project and/or Examination

ME 701 Master’s Independent Capstone Project and/or Examination


October 23, 2018

Meeting Agenda 10-23-18

Meeting Minutes 10-9-18


Primary Reviewer (Lee): 

Primary Reviewer (Dimitrov):

Primary Reviewer (Call): 

Primary Reviewer (Uchila):

Primary Reviewer (Potts):

Primary Reviewer (Dotson):

  •  NEP 580  Advanced Topics in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (Dotson, May)


Discussion Items:

VET PATH 545 Mechanisms of Disease

ECONS 509 Quantitative Methods in Economic Dynamics

INTERDIS 501 Research Communication

PSYCH 524 Motivational Interviewing

PHARMSCI 566 Fundamentals of Toxicology

MS Environmental Science Revised Plan

American Studies New Bylaws



October 9, 2018


Meeting Agenda 10-9-18

Meeting Meeting 9-25-18


Informational Items:


PHARMSCI/PHARSCI 577 Crosstlisting -Responible Conduct in Biomedical Research


Action Items:


Primary Reviewer (Lee): 

Primary Reviewer (Salsbury):

Primary Reviewer (Potts):

Primary Reviewer (Call): 

Primary Reviewer (Dimitrov):

Primary Reviewer (Uchila):  

  • NURS 553 Organizational Systems and Leadership II (Uchila, Dimitrov)
  • NURS 576 Organizational Systems and Leadership I (Uchila, Nicol)


Discussion Items:


HORT 508 Research Orientation and Communication

VET PATH 592 Anatomic Pathology Seminar

VET PATH 544 Immunopathology

PHARMSCI 579 Principles of Pharmacology

NEP 580  Advanced Topics in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology


September 25, 2018

Discussion Items:

ATH T 531 Evaluation of Upper Extremity Injuries in Athletic Training

ATH T 535 Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training

ATH T 530 Evaluation of Lower Extremity Injuries in Athletic Training

Master’s in Nursing: Population Health—Revised Plan

Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (NEP) Updated Bylaws

NURS 518 Translating Evidence into Practice

NURS 542 Advanced Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Assessment for Population Healthcare Professionals

NURS 553 Organizational Systems and Leadership II

NURS 557  DNP Project I

NURS 576 Organizational Systems and Leadership I

September 11, 2018


Meeting Minutes 4-3-18

Meeting Agenda 9-11-18




2018-2019  Meeting Dates


Fall 2018

September 11
September 25
October 9
October 23
November 6
November 27

Spring 2019

January 15
January 29
February 12
February 26
March 19
April 2





Time: 3:00-5:00pm

Pullman: Lighty 403, 11/6/18 (Lighty 401), 11/27/18 (Lighty 405)
Spokane: NURS 220
Vancouver: Fall 2018—-9/11/18 (DEN 301), 9/25/18 (ECS 309), 10/9/18 (SCI 140), 10/23/18 (ECS 309), 11/6/18 & 11/27/18 (DEN 301),
Spring 2019—- MMC 102Q
Tri-Cities: Floyd 247 (EAST 212 on 9/25)

Conference Dial In

Video Conference: 774472

Telephone Conference: (509) 358-7935 — ID Number 4472

Committee Members:

Doug Call  – (Co-Chair) College of Veterinary Medicine College of Education
Alex Dimitrov  – (Co-Chair)  Mathematics
Erica Nicol – Libraries
Tom Salsbury – Teaching and Learning
Peter Pfromm – Engineering
Umesh Uchila – College of Business
Yoon-Joo Lee – College of Communication
Joann Dotson – College of Nursing
Thomas May – College of Medicine
Donna Potts – College of Arts and Sciences
Lisa Shipley- CAHNRS
Jo Ann Arinder- Graduate Student
Kiana Yektansani – Graduate Student

Program/ Course Approval Documents

Major Curricular Change Forms:

Proposals: Degree approval process and flow chart

 GSC Materials
  • Bylaw Review Template [PDF]
  • Certificate Review Template [PDF]
  • New Program Review Template [DOC]
  • Course Review Template [DOC]
  • GSC Reference Documents [PDF]
  • Course Planning and Syllabi Development [Link]
  • Academic Integrity Statement [Link]
  • Students with Disabilities Statement [PDF]
  • Campus Safety Statement [PDF]
  • Faculty Senate: Home [Link]
  • Faculty Senate: Graduate Studies Committee [Link]
  • Sample bylaws  [DOC]

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